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The Bioinformatics and Computational Biosciences Branch develops software for data analysis, high-throughput processing, and laboratory automation at NIAID. The Exon web site is used to distribute mature applications that are useful to the research community at large.

Web Applications
Papillomavirus Episteme (PaVE) Thumbnail Icon
Papillomavirus Episteme (PaVE)
Information and analytical resources to the scientific community for research on the Papillomaviridae family of viruses
BCBB Mobyle Interface Designer
BCBB Mobyle Interface Designer (BMID)
Web Interface Design Tool for Bioinformatics Applications
SNP explorer
SNP Explorer
SNP Visualization and Analysis Platform for Affymetrix Resequencing Data
Hemagglutinin Structure Prediction Server
Structural Viewer for Predicted Hemagglutinin Structures
Database of Antimicrobial Activity and Structure of Peptides
Information on sequence, structure, and function for peptides with antimicrobial activity
Desktop Applications
CAS cDNA Annotation System Thumbnail Icon
Desktop cDNA Annotation System (dCAS)
Automated large-scale sequence analysis and annotation for cDNA libraries
SPICE software thumbnail icon
Data mining software for multicolor flow cytometry experiments
NetCirChro thumbnail icon
NetCirChro 1.2
Cytoscape plugin for network visualization on circular chromosomes

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